X-Men Pin-up FRAMED #16 Chamber Generation X Chris Bachalo Wolverine and the


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Jonothon “Jono” Evan Starsmore, better known as Chamber or Decibel was a member of the X-Men’s junior team Generation X, although he was sullen and moody and had difficulty bonding with teammates. Jono’s thoracic and abdominal cavities are a chamber for a furnace of psionic energy capable of nuclear fission whose output can be projected as wide blasts of concussive force or laser-like focused beams that disrupt atomic bonds. The initial manifestation of said powers has destroyed most of his internal organs along with his mouth and chest, effectively killing his body. Chamber requires no food or oxygen and is seemingly indestructible as he has disintegrated his own body along with D’spayre’s down to their sub-atomic components in a kamikaze attack and later reconstituted himself (Generation X Annual ’97). His bizarre physiology suggests he is actually a being of pure psionic energy inhabiting a dead organic shell that he can desintegrate and reassemble from memory, a hypothesis several characters have put forward in comics. Chamber can also project his thoughts into other people’s minds, but cannot read the thoughts of others, which enables him to communicate without a mouth. At one point, fellow Generation X member Synch used his own mutant powers to tap into and copy Jono’s powers and fly. Jono himself has never exhibited this ability before or since. Chamber is now teaching a course on Coping With Physical Changes at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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