X-Factor 10 NM Peter David Renato Arlem 2006 1st print Civil War Crossover


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X-Factor (2005 3rd Series) #10

Published Oct 2006 by Marvel.

Written by Peter David. Art by Renato Arlem and Roy Allan Martinez. Cover by Ryan Sook. They have been a thorn in X-Factor’s side since the beginning, and now matters are coming to a head. In the first of a three part epic “Multiple Disclosure” X-Factor’s newest assignment causes them to once again cross paths with their arch rivals, Singularity Investigations. The result is revelations that strike to the very core of who and what Jamie Madrox is, especially when he learns that SI head Damian Tryp is responsible for one of the greatest tragedies. 32 PGS.

Near mint, 1st printing. Check description for more pictures.