X-51 The Machine Man # 6 NM Sentinels Mike Higgins Karl Bollers M-Tech


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X-51 (1999) #6
Published Jan 2000 by Marvel.

Mike Higgins & Karl Bollers/Joe Bennett It’s the all-new Sentinel series vs. X-51 (who’s part Sentinel himself)… with the X-Men waiting in the wings! Before X-51 exposes the long-hidden secrets of the leader of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw sends a new series of Sentinels to utterly destroy him! And just when things appear darkest, bursting through the rubble comes the Uncanny X-Men! “Michael Higgins and Karl Bollers bring Machine Man into the 1990s with style! Joe Bennett adds the final touches to the book with his slick and crisp pencilling with just enough techno-touches to satisfy any hightech hungry comic book reader. X-51 has got your number!” -Comics Corner FC, 32pg.

Near mint condition. 1st print.