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Would You Rather . . . ?: The Outrageous Book of Bizarre Choices Paperback
by Workman Publishing (Author)

This book contains shocking content meant to inspire hilarious discussion. Questions may be twisted , sick and wrong but each is a field-tested conversation starter that is guaranteed to provoke ridiculous fun, break the ice at any party,and -if played correctly- open a window into the twisted imaginations of friends and family.

Would You Rather…? takes the idea of parlor game questions to a new level of debate and lunacy. It’s a chunky book of 400 questions that range from the heinous to the nauseating to the downright disturbing, each a field-tested conversation starter-because no matter how strange or far-fetched, Would You Rather…? knows that choice provokes thinking, and thinking is fun.

Some questions, like a Rorschach test, reveal values: Would you rather . . . Age only from the neck up-OR-age only from the neck down? Be stupid and rich-OR-smart and poor? Some delight in their own grossness: Eat three earthworms-OR-wear a necklace made of them on your wedding day? Be trapped in an elevator with wet dogs-OR-three fat men with bad breath? Some churn up prejudices: Lose your mate to the same sex as yourself-OR-the opposite sex? Some create that squirming sensation: Get a bad case of poison ivy way up inside your nose-OR-inside your inner ear? Or ethical dilemmas: Be president of a firm that poaches endangered species-OR-work for a corrupt politician? And some are just deliciously absurd: Catch a porcupine thrown from a second-story window-OR-a skunk thrown from the same window? Each question is followed up with related, often off-the-wall information, from odd trivia to dumb jokes to the occasional practical advice (go for the skunk–the porcupine’s got 30,000 quills, while tomato juice will take away the skunk smell).

Age Range: 8 and up
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

I was driving cross country with some friends. I bought the book last minute to kill some time on the trip. The whole car was rolling with laughter with this wacky book. It was a an endless supply of laughs but also generated some really interesting conversations. We actaully talked about one of the questions for a couple of hours.

I bring this out at dinner parties, car trips, random boring waiting places etc. and it always receives a great reception. This illicits fantastic conversations with personal points of view and rationalisations being given. It really gives you an insight into your friends minds with questions you would never, ever think to ask but love to hear the answer of. Some questions are rather crazy but on the most part fabulous. One of the highlights of this book that noone else seems to have mentioned is the fun facts on each page relating in some way to the question. These are almost worthy of their own book but just make this one.

Book is like new. 978-0-7611-2420-7.


Book is like new.