Wolverine vs Sabretooth Poster # 4 Adam Kubert


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Wolverine and Sabretooth were originally designed, most likely by John Byrne once he got his hands on them, to be son and father, respectively. Nothing was ever made of this, besides the usual murky hints behind the scenes. As time went by the relative popularity of Wolverine versus the great obscurity of Sabretooth (up until recently, he was still second-string villain found working for no-name crime bosses in Spider-Man titles) made such a revelation rather silly in the eyes of Marvel, so they just shifted the whole thing over to them both just having some sort of relationship in the past, but of an unspecified sort. Recently, Wolverine and Sabretooth have been revealed simply to be former secret agents who worked on the same team with other mysteriousmutants such as Maverick. A blood test performed by some considerate S.H.I.E.L.D. medical technicians in Wolverine #42 finally gave us a definite answer: they aren’t related by blood at all. Sabretooth once believed himself to be Logan’s father, but that was merely a vestige of the Weapon X’s memory implant procedures.

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