Wolverine vs Hulk Poster # 3 Joe Quesada after Todd McFarlane


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Joe Quesada’s homage to Todd McFarlane’s iconic cover to Incredible Hulk 340! Fans have always loved when these two have gone up against each other and one of the main reasons for that is Wolverine fought Hulk in his very first appearance! Wolverine’s claws are one of the very few things in the Marvel Universe that can cut through Hulk’s tough hide and because of his unbreakable bones and healing factor, he’s one of the very few characters in the Marvel Universe that actually stand a chance against a force of nature like the Incredible Hulk! Peter David admits to having to plead with the X-Offices to let him use Logan. At that point no one was allowed to use any of the X-Men is guest shots – but PD finally persuaded them all because McFarlane REALLY wanted to take a shot in drawing Wolverine! All of this to bring one of the greatest comic covers to light ever! Joe Quesada’s homage really does it justice, too!

Near mint condition.