Wolverine Poster #82 w/ Nuke Colors Joe Quesada


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This image foreshadows the revelation of Wolverine’s connection to a government creation named Nuke. Nuke was a test subject of the Weapon Plus program, the supersoldier program that had created Captain America and would later transform Wolverine into a killing machine. The enhancing and conditioning process went awry, leaving Nuke seriously deranged. Nuke’s pill colors are: red, for increased adrenaline; white, to bring him down; and blue, to keep him docile between missions. It was originally stated that the red pills Nuke took affected his adrenal glands, sending him into his bloodthirsty rages.volume & issue needed The Wolverine: Origins series retconned this, stating instead that these pills are placebos, suggesting that Nuke lives in a constant state of increased adrenaline, but doesn’t know it. The pills, therefore, trigger his violent behavior, but the effect is psychosomatic.

Near mint condition.