Wolverine Poster #81 Slashes by John Byrne Legendary X-Men Artist!


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John Byrne is one of the definitive Wolverine artists. Byrne joined Claremont beginning with The X-Men #108. Their work together, along with inker Terry Austin, on such classic story arcs as the “Dark Phoenix Saga”, “Days of Future Past”, and “Proteus” would make them both fan favorites, and X-Men became one of the industry’s best-selling titles. In addition, Byrne insisted that the title keep its Canadian character, Wolverine, and contributed a series of story elements to justify his presence that eventually made the character among the most popular in Marvel’s publishing history. Byrne has repeatedly compared his working relationship with Claremont to Gilbert and Sullivan, and has said that they were “almost constantly at war over who the characters were.” After more than three years on Uncanny X-Men, during which time he created the character Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Byrne left the title with #143.

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