Wolverine Poster #45 Attacks by Dennis Jensen


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During an encounter with Magneto on the space station Avalon, Wolverine cut Magneto with his claws. In retaliation, Magneto used the power of the magnetic field in space to tear the adamantium that laced Wolverine’s skeleton out of his body. This cause extensive injuries, which shortened out Wolverine’s healing factor for a while, and also revealed that Wolverine’s claws, which he believed was a result of the Weapon X program, where in fact part of his actual bone structure. During this period, Professor Xavier, Beast and Heather Hudson were conducting experiments on Wolverine. They discovered that Wolverine’s mutation was actually ongoing and that whilst his healing factor and senses accelerated it would eventually cost him his humanity, for it would eventually change him into a feral, wild animal-like creature. It as also discovered that the presence of the adamantium slowed down his mutation as his healing factor was constantly trying to expel it.

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