Wolverine and Jean Grey Poster by Ian Churchill X-Men


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Personally, I was always supportive of Cyclops and Jean’s relationship. It’s what I grew up on. But there’s no denying the chemistry and passion between Logan and Jean. Let’s face it, everybody loved Jean. Bobby, Warren…but nothing like Wolverine. Wolverine joined the X-Men because of Jean. When she turned into Dark Phoenix, Logan took it pretty hard. Knowing she had to be put down…that he’d never get to love her…this poster reminds me of the first time Wolverine saw Jean during the Inferno crossover. He had no idea she had come back and was a member of X-Factor with the rest of the original X-Men. He grabbed her just like this and kissed her right in front of Scott. And now look at how things have turned out. Jean Grey is dead, Cyclops is a terrorist and Logan is headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, essentially stepping up to the plate in the absense of Professor X and honoring the memory of his lost love at the same time. This poster makes me wonder how things would play out if Jean were to come back from the dead once again…things would probably be a lot different! It’s amazing to see the man Wolverine has become…and I’d like to think Jean Grey would agree.

Near mint condition.