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Wizard 79 Divine Right Jim Lee Cover (1) (Kingdom Come audio article, H.E.A.T. article Hal’s Emerald Attack Team, Jeff Smith Bone article, Fathom article Michael Turner, Holey Crullers article, John Arcudi and Gary Frank Gen 13 article, Awesome Ent Rob Liefeld article, Wizard drafts the ultimate superhero team- Superman, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Invisible Woman, Captain America, Iron Man and Dr. Fate?, Eight creators to keep your eye on- David Finch, Batt, Ed McGuinness, Leinil Francis Yu, Leonardo Manco, Salvador Larroca, John Cassaday and Jose Ladronn, X-Men’s Joe Kelly and Steven Seagle interview, How to draw curvilinear perspective with Brent Anderson, Battle Angel Alita article, Alan Moore Swamp Thing article)

Near mint condition.