Wizard 2007 Movie Spectacular Spider-Man 3 Cvr Venom


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Ten pages of Spider-Man 3 articles which includes a Tobey Maguire interview, two page Kirsten Dunst interview, five page Haden Church interview, two page Topher Grace / Venom article, two page Lego Theater Spider-Man Saga strip, two page spotlight on Spidey’s greatest villains including Venom, Hobgoblin, Black Cat…Todd McFarlane interview, five page article on Michael Bay’s Transformers, Eva Mendes / Ghost Rider interview, How to build a better Hulk movie, eight page Frank Miller / 300 / Sin City and Neil Gaiman / Stardust article, two page Mandarin from Iron Man spotlight, Heroes’ Ali Larter interview, six page Zak Penn interview, three page Dark Knight / Christpher Nolan article, Heath Ledger’s Joker article, two page Eragon spotlight, six page Zach Snyder / 300 interview, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura interview (producer of Stardust), six page article detailing the best of Smallville, four page spotlight on upcoming animation, Guillermo Del Toro / Pan’s Labyrinth interview, two page Silver Surfer spotlight, Lacey Chabert / Black Christmas interview, three page David Slade / 30 Days of Night interview, two page Michael Uslan article, fifteen page article on comic based movies in production and development, Harry Potter’s Scabbers article.


Near mint condition.