Wizard 178 NM SOLD Michael Turner Justice League Cvr


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Wizard 178 NM Michael Turner Justice League Cvr(1) (Union Jack sketchbook, Jeph / Sam Loeb article, Spider-Man Unmasked article, 52’s blackboard mystery article, Ultimates 4 Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness interview, Black Panther article, Dark Horse article, Bendis answers questions from fans, Loveless article, DMZ article, The Exterminators article, Brandon Routh Superman Returns interview, Jack Cole article, Paul Giamatti Q+A, Paul Dino + Grant Morrison Batman interview, Warpath article, Mike Carey article, OMAC article, Fantastic Four cartoon article, Clerks 2 article, Villains comic article, Ghost Rider + Moon Knight appearance checklist, Ed Benes checklist) Jeph Loeb interview; Ed McGuinness interview; Brandon Routh interview; Paul Giamatti interview; Grant Morrison interview; Paul Dini interview. Rickey A. Purdin, Ben Morse, Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Chris Ward, Andy Serwin, Dylan Brucie, Brian Michael Bendis, T.J. Dietsch, Mike Cotton, Brandon Routh, Paul Giamatti, Grant Morrison, Paul Dini, David Paggi. Ed McGuinness, John Watson

I bought a lot of Toyfare magazines from a collector. He bought each issue, read it and then put it back in the polybag with all the contents and then bagged and boarded it. This is an issue from that lot. Near mint condition.