Wizard 169 Spider-Man 3 Movie Cover


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Wizard 169 Spider-Man 3 Movie Cover (1) (Daniel Way article, Kevin Smith interview, Captain Atom article, Tom Welling Smallville interview, She-Hulk article, Wizard’s Halloween Costume issue, Harvey Pekar article, X-Men Deadly Genesis article and preview, Peter David Unplugged article, Spider-Man 3 Movie article, Infinite Crisis article, Ultimate Avengers Animated article, X3 screenwriter Zak Penn Q+A, Teen Titans Unlimited article, Bone Video Game article, Voltron movie article, Runaways article, Flaming Carrot article)

I bought a lot of Toyfare magazines from a collector. He bought each issue, read it and then put it back in the polybag with all the contents and then bagged and boarded it. This is an issue from that lot. Near mint condition.