Wizard 165 Fantastic Four Movie Illuminati Michael Turner Jim Lee Scott Campbell


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Wizard 165 Thing Fantastic Four Movie Michael Chiklis Cvr 2 (1) (Fan feedback on Alex Ross’s Bush/Village Voice piece, Superman Returns article, Death of the JLA article, House of M article, Batman Begins article, Superman/Batman article, New Avengers Illuminati article, Michael Turner article, 2005 Summer Preview, Fantastic Four movie article, Lynda Carter interview, All Star Batman and Robin Jim Lee sketchbook, Joss Whedon interview, Superman vs Wonder Woman article, Defenders article, Justice # 1 article and preview, Green Lantern article, J Scott Campbell interview, Rob Liefeld article, Future Forecast, Store Exclusive checklist and price guide, Geoff Johns books you must own, 100 Girls article)

I bought a lot of Toyfare magazines from a collector. He bought each issue, read it and then put it back in the polybag with all the contents and then bagged and boarded it. This is an issue from that lot. Near mint condition.