Wizard 156 Superman Batman Cv Pacheco Wildsiderz Jim Mahfood Batman Begins Movie


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Wizard 156 Superman + Batman vs JLA Cvr Carlos Pacheco Art (1) (Green Lantern Rebirth article, Wildsiderz article, Young Avengers article, COM.X article, Superman Returns movie article, Superman/Batman article, Wolverine article and preview, Ultimate Carnage article, Astonishing X-Men article, Mighty Thor article, Ex Machina article, Avengers Disassembled article, Identity Crisis article, Jack Kirby article, Catwoman When in Rome article and preview, Moon Knight article, Batman Year Three animated article, Fantastic Four movie article, Blade Trinity movie article, David Goyer Batman Begins writer article, Stray Bullets article, 13 things you didn’t know about Dr. Strange, Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale checklist, Jim Mahfood checklist, Sports Comics checklist, Solo Avengers checklist and price guide)

Near mint condition.