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Wizard 147 Authority Jim Lee Cover! Superman Batman (1) (Identity Crisis announced!, G.I. Joe article, Secret War article, Superman Batman Michael Turner article, Guillermo Del Toro Hellboy interview, Mark Millar interview, Alan Moore turns 50 and looks back on his career, Dan DiDio article, Y the Last Man article, Jim Lee Batman article, Bendis Ultimate Spider-Man article, Best of 2003, Garth Ennis interview, New X-Men article and preview, Lighting instruction by Joe Kubert, Blade: Trinity article, Punisher movie article, Catwoman movie director interview, Thor Son of Asgard article, Blankets Craig Thompson article, Neil Gaiman checklist, Strangers in Paradise checklist, DC/Marvel crossover comics checklist, Famous book authors’ comics work checklist, 13 things you didn’t know about Batman)

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