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Whotnot # 1
Jeremy Eaton

Jeremy Eaton’s Whotnot is a showcase for his interesting and almost mind-bending comics work. Its various stories feature a strange cast of characters including Dreamy Dan, an innocent kid who’s pleased as punch to have found his very own “Nakid Lady”; the Rose-Colored Man, a nervous take on Curious George’s Man in the Big Yellow Hat; and Little Boy, a hyped-up munchkin with an eyepatch who dreams of violence, while all around him are cloyingly nice. Perhaps the star of the series is Sleepyhead, a character who here seems like a mirror for the obligatory artistic angst of the author. Sleepyhead appears throughout Eaton’s work, both here and in such specials as A Sleepyhead Tale and The Island of Dr. Moral.

Among the series’ high points are the surreal “Americaville,” which reads like a fever dream, and the humorous “Whot Might Transpire,” which speculates on the eventual fate of the cutesy stars of old comic strips. B&W.

Near mint, 1st print.