What If X-Men Age of Apocalypse 1 NM Legion kills Xavier AND Magneto!


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What If X-Men Age of Apocalypse (2006) #1

Published Feb 2007 by Marvel.

Penciled by DAVE WILKINS. Cover by MARKO DJURJEVIC. What if Legion killed Magneto and Xavier? With no leader to create any incarnation of X-Men to resist the onslaught of Apocalypse, the new world is a horrific finalized vision of Apocalypse’s dream. On the dawn of the twenty-year anniversary of the murders of Magneto and Xavier, we follow a small group consisting of Earth’s remaining heroes, led by Nate Summers as they stage a final offensive in an attempt to escape this twisted reality altogether. 32 PGS.

Near mint, 1st printing. Check description for more pictures.