Wake the Dead Poster by Milx Mahathir Buang IDW


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When Victor sets his sights on reversing death, he can’t know just what a can of worms he’s opening up. But he’ll find out…

All right, it’s official. When it comes to the undead, Niles is this generation’s Stephen King. Readers have been creeped out by vampires in his 30 Days of Night, outsmarted by his Cal McDonald stories, and can now be grossed out by his latest horror comic book, a sort of macabre version of Flatliners.

Three college students have developed a scientific means to reanimate the dead, but conflict arises when one of them suggests moving beyond mere laboratory animals and testing their methods on a human cadaver. One car accident later, this suggestion is a step closer to reality.

Mahathir Buang is a Malaysian comic artist usually created only as MILX.

Near mint condition.