Voodoo Zealot Skin Trade 1 NM Image Steven Seagle Michael Lopez 1st print


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Voodoo Zealot Skin Trade (1995) #1

Published Aug 1995 by Image.

Michael Lopez artist, cover, penciler
Steven T. Seagle writer

Voodoo and Zealot go on a vacation/training mission. Or at least that is what Voodoo is led to believe. Zealot has received word that she will encounter her missing child by the mysterious Providence. That child is in a country ravaged by war and strife.

This 1995 special teamed up Zealot, the warrior veteran of WildC.A.T.s with her new (and not quite respected) teammate Voodoo. The two had been at each other’s throats in training, and WildC.A.T.s leader, Lord Emp, sent them “on vacation” together to work out their differences. What Zealot knew was that their trip to Greece had an alternate motive: to get them closer to the embattled country of Yurgovia. There, she hoped to rescue her recently rediscovered daughter from super-powered captors. 46 pages.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 30 years, one owner!