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Vampirella #20
Vampirella Lust For Life; Rebirth, Part 3 released by Harris Comics on June 1, 1999.

Timm, the creative genius behind the Batman animated series, does Vampirella! Timm and fan-favorite writer Ty Templeton contribute a bonus story to Vampirella’s 30th Anniversary celebration! Super-mega-bonus! The issue also contains the Earth-Shattering conclusion to the “Rebirth” storyline, written by David Conway and Steven Grant, artwork by Patrick Zircher. Featuring an awesome cover by Jae Lee.

Devoted fans of Bruce Timm, the artist, writer and producer behind such hits as Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited looking for rare non-DC work need look no further. Timm has produced relatively few comic books, no doubt a consequence of his commitments at Warner Bros. Animation, where he continues to work on the studio’s line of original animated features based on the DC characters, not to mention new shows like Green Lantern: The Animated Series. So it was with great surprise that we discovered this lost Timm treasure, a seven-page Vampirella story from 1999, fully drawn and colored by Bruce Timm and written by another Batman Adventures alumni, Ty Templeton. Bruce Timm is rightfully beloved by DC Comics fans for his enormous body of work with the characters in various animated television shows like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited — series which many identify as the best expressions of the DC icons in any medium — and his distinctive drawing style defined a generation of animation, influenced countless comic book artists, and endeared itself to illustration aficionados the world over.

Bruce Walter Timm is an American artist, character designer, animator, writer, producer and voice actor. He is best known for his contributions building the modern DC Comics animated franchise, most notably the DC Animated Universe.

Timm’s early career in animation was varied; he started at Filmation, working on the layout of Blackstar, Flash Gordon, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, its spin-off She-Ra: Princess of Power, and The Lone Ranger (Timm also did background work on G.I. Joe). He also worked for numerous other employers, including Ralph Bakshi, Don Bluth Productions, and attempted to find work at Marvel Comics and DC Comics, but without luck. In 1988 he worked at DiC on The Real Ghostbusters for one season, then joined Warner Bros. in 1989. At Warner, Timm worked on Tiny Toon Adventures.

However, Timm is best known for his subsequent work on the animated series based on various DC Comics superheroes, popularly referred to as the “DCAU” (DC animated universe) and also named Timmverse or Diniverse after both him and Paul Dini. Along with his Tiny Toons partner Eric Radomski, Timm co-created and produced the Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, which premiered on September 5, 1992 through which he created the character of Harley Quinn who would go on to become a popular character both in comics and eventual television and film media, and went on to co-create and produce Superman: The Animated Series (premiered in September 1996), The New Batman Adventures (premiered in September 1997), and Batman Beyond (premiered in January 1999), through which he created the character of Terry McGinnis and his supporting cast who like Harley Quinn would also become a character in the comics and later television and film media. He also served as producer on the feature-length Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker before taking the helm as creator and producer of the animated version of Justice League, which debuted in November 2001; the series continued in the form of Justice League Unlimited. Timm was also the producer and creator of Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Along with Paul Dini he created the animated series Freakazoid! (premiered in September 1995).

Although he shared character designer duties on Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League with James Tucker, Timm did virtually all the original character designs for Batman: The Animated Series himself (with the exceptions of Mr. Freeze and the Riddler, who were designed by Mike Mignola and the characters Man Bat and the Mad Hatter, who were designed by Kevin Nowlan).

Vampirella is returning to the screen with new feature film adaptation<

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that Mike The Pike Productions and its subsidiary Arowana Media Holdings have acquired the worldwide film, television and digital media rights to the iconic comic book character Vampirella and are working on a feature film adaptation.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to bring this amazing character to screen in a big way,” said MIKP CEO and Producer Mark B. Newbauer. “Nick Barucci, founder and CEO of the prolific Dynamite Comics, is an incredible visionary with an eye for story, and a talent for integration into the zeitgeist. He and everyone at Dynamite have resurrected this character in a significant way over the past decade and this latest run with Christopher Priest feels like it’s just the beginning of her next 50 years and beyond.”

“Vampirella has become (and as of 2021 remains) the longest-running English-language vampire comic book of all time, its latest run, helmed by Christopher Priest (Black Panther), is its most successful yet, with more issues sold in its 50th anniversary than any previous year and it continues to gain momentum in popularity as new readers discover Vampirella’s timely storyline,” he continued.

Created by Forrest J Ackerman and Trina Robbins and making her debut in Vampirella #1 in 1969, the Daughter of Drakulon has remained a comic book mainstay ever since, passing through several publishers before arriving at Dynamite Entertainment in 2010. A feature film adaptation was previously released in 1996, with Talisa Soto as Vampirella.

The new movie is being produced by Mark Newbauer of Mike The Pike and Nick Barrucci and Juan Collado of Dynamite Entertainment, while plans are also afoot for subsequent television TV adaptations based on characters from within the Vampirella universe.

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