Twilight Zone The Movie Poster Uncle Walt’s Magic Trick! Kevin McCarthy


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Uncle Walt (Kevin McCarthy) knows just a bit of magic, enough to pull a rather large rabbit out of his somewhat small hat in Twilight Zone the Movie. Helen hurredly attempts to leave, but Anthony urges Helen to stay and see Uncle Walt’s “hat trick”. Helen is stunned to see that a top hat has suddenly appeared on top of the television set. Uncle Walt is very nervous about what could be in the hat, but he pulls an ordinary rabbit out of it. The family members are relieved, but Anthony insists on more, and a large, cartoonish rabbit springs from the hat. Helen screams, and Anthony orders it to go away. As she attempts to flee, she falls and spills the contents of her purse, and Anthony finds a note slipped in from one of the Fremonts stating “Help us! Anthony is a monster!”

Near mint condition.