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Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is a 2008 simulation video game developed by Vanguard for the Nintendo DS (DS), and published by Atlus. It is the fourth game in the Trauma Center series and a direct sequel to Trauma Center: Under the Knife (2005). Set three years after the events of Under the Knife, the plot follows protagonist Derek Stiles as he confronts not only the revival of terrorist organisation Delphi and its GUILT disease, but personal insecurities and corporate manipulation. The gameplay combines surgical simulation relying on the DS’s touchscreen controls with a story told as a visual novel.

Under the Knife 2 was developed as a true mechanical and narrative sequel to the original game, using the same controls and gameplay style in contrast to the altered style of other games on the Wii. Daisuke Kanada and Masayuki Doi returned as director and character designer, alongside new co-director Hirokazu Toyama and composers Manabu Namiki and Noriyuki Kamikura. Reception of the game was generally positive, but many journalists noted a lack of innovation while praising its improvements over the original game. It also met with low sales in Japan and North America.

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