Transformers Poster # 7 Grimlock Jae Lee Dreamwave Transformers/GI Joe Crossover


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Published by Dreamwave comics and set in an alternate reality, Transformers/GI Joe had a special team of US forces crossing the pond to fight against a Nazi splinter cell known as Cobra. Once there, however, the Joe team discovers that they are not alone, as their vehicles start talking to them! Of course we, the readers, had been anxiously awaiting this moment since we cracked the cover. We’re treated to some nifty alt modes, including Optimus as an artillery truck, Grimlock as a tank (pictured), and Bumblebee as a motorcycle with sidecar! Grimlock was among the Autobots who were awakened by G.I. Joe in 1939 after laying dormant on the Fera Islands for three million years. He was eager to start smashing Decepticons again, and probably would’ve smashed the humans as well if Optimus Prime hadn’t been here to tell him they were friendly. While the other Autobots were a bit wishy-washy about helping G.I. Joe in their fight against Cobra and their Decepticon allies, Grimlock threw himself into battle almost immediately, using his World War II-era tank mode to destroy one or two incoming Rattlers. “Me, Grimlock — BADASS!” —Grimlock on himself!

Near mint condition.