Transformers Poster #22 Micromasters Pat Lee Roller Force Big Daddy Blaze Master


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Roller Force (Left), Big Daddy (Center), Blaze Master (Right) and in the background: Groundpounder, (Unidentified) and Stakeout. Basically the Micromasters are itsy, bitsy Transformers. The Micromasters are actually a new breed of Transformers created specifically to help the Autobots and Decepticons survive the final battles leading up to the catastrophic event known as the ‘Great Shutdown.’ That’s right, ala The War Within miniseries, this series will take place in Cybertron’s past. The Micromasters are the youth of the Transformers universe. Micromasters were developed because the Transformers were using up all their energy through their constant warfare. So, they come up with these smaller, more energy-efficient robots to help them conserve fuel and keep from losing ground. The problem is that since most of the Micromasters are young and newly created, they start going through a natural cycle of rebellion and wondering why they’re struggling on behalf of the people that have doomed them to constantly fight for their lives. Even for robots, war is a horrifying thing, and some of the Micromasters just can’t handle it. They start asking, ‘Why are we doing this?’ They’re confused and frustrated, because they’ve basically been conscripted into a situation they didn’t ask for and don’t want to be in. They’re basically kids reacting to terrifying and hostile circumstances in a way that’s natural for them, so they have their own rivalries and high school-ish caste system going on while they’re in the middle of this massive external conflict.

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