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Toyfare (1997) #73 Transformers Optimus Prime cover
Published Sep 2003 by Wizard.

TOYFARE: THE TOY MAGAZINE #73 proudly presents the ultimate Marvel versus DC toy crossover as we match the entire Marvel action figure library against the entire DC library. That’s all of your favorites, Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, Justice League and more from Toy Biz, Diamond Select, Mattel, DC Direct and Hasbro, in one epic battle for toy supremacy. See how these gigantic toy lines compare on a variety of levels in a competition to the finish. Only one toy company will emerge victorious. Wolverine from the new X-Men film takes the stage on the cover to this issue of ToyFare. This month’s ToyFare Specialty Price Guide features Transformers toys and action figures. The Transformers are back on TV with all-new adventures and more battles. Behold the most complete Transformers price guide ever published, including prices from Japan along with all of the figures available in the U.S.! The new Dreamwave-style Optimus Prime statue from Palisades is featured on our alternate cover this month. TWISTED TOYFARE THEATRE smashes into another hysterical episode when the Human Torch seeks revenge on HERBIE the robot for replacing him on the old Fantastic Four cartoon that no one remembers anymore! How does G.I.Joe’s perennial foe, the terrorist group known as Cobra, stay in business? Get a glimpse into the bankrolling of Cobra with Cobra Commander and his account in this ToyFare exclusive! Kodiak and the Bearriors return in ToyFare #73. Return to the 1980’s when this line of bear-themed figures hit the market and see how they are returning in an all-new form. ToyFare’s Marketplace gets you inside the latest trends, happenings and more. Get the latest Ups ‘n’ Downs, Expert Analysis, the Top 10 Hottest Action Figures and more! ToyFare has the most complete, full-color action figure price guide available. Track how much your figures are worth and which ones have changed in value! Whether you’re a casual toy fan or an obsessive super-collector, you can’t afford to miss this issue of ToyFare: The Toy Magazine!