Toyfare 66 Ozzy Osborne Cvr Bagged and Boarded


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Toyfare (1997) #66A
Published Feb 2003 by Wizard.

Cover 1 of 2: Ozzy Osborne Cover TOYFARE: THE TOY MAGAZINE #66 presents the definitive look at X-Men toys. Which characters still haven’t been immortalized as action figures? See the newest X-Men costume designs and behold new X-Men figures in this exclusive photo feature! The latest Wolverine figure from Toy Biz will make his premiere appearance on this month’s cover. Toys of musical figures continue to gain popularity at stores. The latest musical entry into the toy world are The Osbournes, lead by their patriarch, Ozzy Osbourne. Get the ultimate music-inspired action figure extravaganza. Snoop Dogg, KISS, Marilyn Manson, Eddie from Iron Maiden, Eminem and a ton of others will be here. Ozzy’s newest figures will appear on our alternate cover. Where will the cast of Twisted ToyFare Theatre show up next? Find out right here in another shocking and hilarious episode! This month’s Specialty Price Guide features G.I. Joe figures from both the Real American Hero and 12-inch lines. As nostalgia-mania for all lines of Joe continues to grow, see which figures are gaining special market attention. ToyFare’s MARKETPLACE gets you inside the latest trends, happenings and more. Get the latest Ups ‘n’ Downs, Expert Analysis, the Top 10 Hottest Action Figures and more! Track how much your figures are worth and which ones have changed in value! ToyFare has the most complete, full-color action figure price guide available. Whether you’re a casual toy fan or an obsessive super collector, you can’t afford to miss this issue of ToyFare: The Toy Magazine.