Toyfare 65 Lord of the Rings Cvr Bagged and Boarded


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Toyfare (1997) #65B
Published Jan 2003 by Wizard.

Cover 2 of 3: “Gandalf the White” from Lord of the Rings. TOYFARE: THE TOY MAGAZINE #65 presents our super-powered pre-holiday season spectacular! Preview the hottest new figures from this season and well into 2003! New Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers, Bioncles, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, G. I. Joe, He-Man, Star Wars, The Simpsons and much more! As The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers hits theaters, see all of the exciting new figures coming from Toy Biz. Behold the Gollum, a new Gandalf, hobbits, orcs, Sauron, Saruman and many others. We will premiere one of these new Two Towers figures on the cover to this issue. Filmmaker Kevin Smith is a huge toy fan and this month he’s happy to unveil a new line of Jay And Silent Bob figures in this issue of ToyFare. Smith talks to us about the hottest toys out today, what he has, and what his company, View Askew, is doing to make sure his new figures kick butt! As Transformers popularity continues its tremendous resurgence, we take you behind-the-scenes and reveal the secret truths behind these toys. Learn about how the American Transformers were actually a series of different toy lines in Japan that were repackaged under one brand. Get info on the Japanese cartoons and foreign comic books that inspired many on the modern Transformers that we know and love. Twisted ToyFare Theatre will make you laugh out loud with another episode of insanity. Get your dose of Mego mania right here! This month’s Specialty Price Guide features Kubricks and mini-action figures. This category of tiny toys is exploding in a huge way across the world. Find out with photos and prices how hot toys from Marvel Comics like Spider-Man, Simpsons, Mickey Mouse and others are trading today in the marketplace. ToyFare’s MARKETPLACE gets you inside the latest trends, happenings and more. Get the latest Ups ‘n’ Downs, Expert Analysis, the Top 10 Hottest Action Figures and more! Track how much your figures are worth and which ones have changed in value! ToyFare has the most complete, full-color action figure price guide available. Whether you’re a casual toy fan or an obsessive super collector, you can’t afford to miss this issue of ToyFare: The Toy Magazine.