Toyfare 28 Scream Cvr Bagged and Boarded


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Toyfare (1997) #28
Published Dec 1999 by Wizard.

EXCLUSIVE limited edition WWF THE ROCK action figure offer from JAKKS Pacific! Celebrate Halloween with ToyFare: The Toy Magazine #28 as we expose theTop 10 Scariest Toys Ever Made. This mega-feature will showcase the most shocking aspects of toys including severed heads, rotting corpses and other gore that have been immortalized in plastic. We’ll talk to toy manufacturers likeTodd McFarlane and sculptors about the toy proposals that have been turned down due to extreme graphic content along with what can be done to make toys even scarier. The horror continues in a special report onThe State of Horror Toys Today. Starting with the new toys from ” Scream,” we’ll ask what kind of serial killer toys may come out in the future. ToyFare?strick-or-treat wouldn’t be complete without our feature on the Best Pranks to Play on Toy Fanatics. We’ll profile a toy maniac and then demonstrate how to run our pranks on him. ” Twisted Mego Theatre” will proudly present a special Halloween episode and ” Toy Story” looks back at The Nightmare Before Christmas toy line in ToyFare #28. Plus, get your monthly dose of ” Big Shots,” ” Sneak Peeks” and ” TheMonkey Report” with a look at the latest in monkey and gorilla- based figures. ToyFare has the most complete full-color action figure price guide (with all of the hottest newPhantom Menace and classicStar Wars toy prices), toy news and updates along with all- newStar Wars toyinfo. It doesn?t matter if you’re a casual toy fan or an obsessive super-collector, you can’t afford to miss this issue of ToyFare: The Toy Magazine!

Near mint condition.