Titanic Poster #12 Kate Winslet Leonardo DiCaprio I’ll never let go


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Both Rose and Jack escaped the Titanic shipwreck alive, and ended up in the water. Rose climbed onto a raft of wood from the wreck, however, there was no room for Jack, so he had to stay in the freezing water. Jack made Rose promise that no matter what happened to him, she would do everything she wanted to do with her life and die an old woman warm in her bed rather than die here with her whole life ahead of her. Jack died of hypothermia that night, however, Rose was rescued. She took Jack’s last name and did fulfill her promise to Jack. Rose married and had children and managed to pursue an acting career, just as she and Jack had talked about on the doomed ship. The two were reunited in heaven, when she walks into the grand staircase area, where all the victims of the Titanic are waiting for her. Young Rose is dressed in a white dress, and walks up to Jack, who is standing at the clock. The two kiss passionately, reunited after an 84 year separation.

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