Thunderbolts Poster # 4 Ghost Songbird vs Juggernaut Kev Walker


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MACH-V, Songbird, Ghost, Moonstone and U.S.Agent vs Crossbones and Juggernaut aka Kuurth, Breaker of Stone! Kuurth, Breaker of Stone, is one of The Serpent’s Worthy. He was in possession of The Juggernaut’s body during Fear Itself and was using it to wreak havoc and instill fear across the United States. Kuurth is an ancient, serpentine Asgardian God who has served under The Midgard Serpent for countless ages. When Odin defeated The Serpent, he erased all knowledge of The Worthy’s existence until one of his fellow Worthy, Skadi, was brought back to the waking world by Sin, daughter of The Red Skull. After freeing The Serpent, Kuurth and his allies were summoned to Earth in the form of mystical Hammers not unlike Thor’s Mjolnir. When Kuurth descended upon the Earth, he crashed into The Raft and was found by The Juggernaut, who allowed him to enter his body and take control. It was revealed that Cain Marko let Kuurth posses him on purpose. It was also stated that with Cyttorak’s power in him, Marko could easily overthrow the influence of Kuurth, but he chose not to.

Near mint condition.