Thor Poster #64 Heavy is the Head by Ariel Olivetti Mighty Balder the Brave


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Odin dies in a massive battle against arch-foe Surtur on Earth, with Odin apparently dying once and for all, as the Odin Force—the source of Odin’s power—migrates to his son, Thor. As Thor eventually destroys the Loom of Fates and stops Asgard from perpetuating Ragnarok—which ends the entire Norse pantheon and Asgard itself—Thor believes Odin may be dead permanently. The Odinforce appears to him in humanoid form and says that this was Odin’s plan all along: that he break the cycle. The thunder god extended his rule to Earth, with major repercussions. Thor and the Asgardians slayed or imprisoned those who opposed them, even his fellow Avengers.

Near mint condition.