The Second Chair HC John Lescroart Signed 1st print (Dismas Hardy Book 10)


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The Second Chair Hardcover
by John Lescroart (Author), Ginger Legato (Designer)

John Lescroart, the ‘master’ (People) of the legal thriller, delivers a brilliantly suspenseful novel of deadly secrets, privileged youth, and uncertain justice. . .

To the outside world, it looks like Dismas Hardy is finally on top. A managing partner at his thriving, newly reorganized law firm, heís a rainmaker and fix-it guy for clients leery of taking their chances in a courtroom. But what the world sees is a mirage. For beneath the surface bravado and the lucrative deal-making, Hardy has lost his faith in the law.

Now Hardy’s young associate Amy Wu, suddenly rootless and grieving over the recent death of her father, brings the firm a high-profile and challenging case: Andrew Bartlett, the seventeen-year-old son of a prominent San Francisco family, has been arrested for the double slaying of his girlfriend and his English teacher. The D.A. wants to try him as an adult, but Wu cuts a deal to keep him in juvenile court — a deal that she’s forced to break.

Overwhelmed by the mounting evidence against their client, and hoping to salvage his firm’s reputation in the face of the D.A.’s righteous wrath, Hardy sits second chair with Wu in Bartlett’s defense.

As the Bartlett case moves swiftly to trial, Hardy is unable to turn to his old friend Abe Glitsky for help. Newly promoted to Deputy Chief of the Investigations Bureau, Glitsky has problems of his own when San Francisco is seized by a wave of violence. With fear and anxiety building, all eyes in the panicked city fix on an embattled Glitsky, who must somehow stop the criminal upsurge while being second-guessed and hounded by a hostile media.

The city around them on the verge of panic, Hardy’s search for the truth takes him and Amy Wu down a path that becomes more perilous with each step. With very little belief in his young client’s innocence, and even less in the legal system, Hardy has to first conquer his own demons if he is to clear his client . . . and save himself.

Emotionally powerful and exquisitely suspenseful, The Second Chair showcases John Lescroart as an author of ‘brilliant courtroom drama’ (The Washington Post), writing at the height of his powers.

Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Dutton Adult; 1st edition
ISBN-10: 0525947752
ISBN-13: 978-0525947752

Dismas Hardy is the new managing partner of his reorganized law firm after his former partner was gunned down. A new associate to the firm, Amy Wu, is grieving over the recent loss of her father. She brings the firm a high-profile case in which Andrew Barlett, the seventeen-year-old son of a prominent family is charged with the murder of his pregnant girlfriend and drama coach. Wu tries to keep Andrew in juvenile court where his maximum sentence is eight years as opposed to adult court where it would be life without parole. At first Wu is convinced that Andrew is quilty and pushes him to accept the plea bargain offered by the D.A. in which is admits to his guilt in order to stay in the juvenile system. The problem is he adamantly protests his innocence despite all the evidence against him. With the firm’s reputation is on the line, Dismas agrees to sit second chair at the trial.

John Lescroart writes one of the best legal thriller series if not the best. His characters are fully realized, emotionally complex people that grow with each book. If you have never read this series, it is not a bad idea to start from the beginning. It would be worth it because most of the books in the series are excellent.

Lescroart is able to draw on the reader’s emotions regarding his characters. I strongly disliked the Wu character in the beginning of the story. She had this boy’s life in her hands and she was just trying to ramrod him through the system because she thought he was guilty. She was busy feeling sorry for herself: drinking, picking up men, overall irresponsible behavior. She was just not a very sympathetic character. In the course of the story, you really get to see her evolution. By the end you can understand why she was acting the way she did and even sympathize with her.

Abe Glitsky, another mainstay from the series is also present in a parallel storyline. There is not quite as much interaction between Dismas and Abe this time out, but the storylines do tie together in the end.

John Lescroart fans will enjoy this entry in the series and new readers will become fans.

1st print, SIGNED by Author.