The Bridesmaid HC Ruth Rendell Mysterious Press 1st print 1989


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The Bridesmaid Hardcover
by Ruth Rendell (Author)

When Philip Wardman’s feminine ideal, a Greek goddess, appears in the flesh as Senta Pelham, Philip thinks he has found true love. But darker forces are at work, and Senta is led to propose that Philip prove his love by committing murder.

A young man fearful of violence, an extravagantly eccentric young woman and three deaths figure in this atmospheric but insubstantial mystery from one of England’s finest horror/suspense writers. Philip Wardman, beginning his career as an interior designer, lives with his widowed mother and two sisters in a small house outside London. At his sister Fee’s wedding, Philip meets Senta Pelham, cousin to the groom and a bridesmaid, with whom he falls quickly into bed and in love. Soon Senta, with her silver-dyed hair and exotic ways, tells Philip they must prove the unconventionality of their love: each must commit a murder. Secretly appalled, Philip demurs, but Senta is adamant and soon he tells her that a recent killing mentioned in the newspaper was done at his hand. When Senta files her own report, Philip is much relieved, believing through a series of misunderstandings that she too has laid false claims to murder. The reality of Senta’s imbalance is gradually revealed, however, and the police appear on the scene just as she unveils her grisly history. Rendell depicts her characters with crystal clarity and renders Philip’s sexual obsessiveness convincingly.

Hardcover: 259 pages
Publisher: Mysterious Press; First Edition edition

Ruth Rendell’s books always pack a punch. Or several. And in “The Bridesmaid,” Rendell stays true to form, basically. While most Rendell fans recognize her as the author of the fascinating Inspector Wexford series, she also writes other thrillers. She also writes even chillier thrillers under the name of Barbara Vine. Regardless of which nom de plume she uses, it is difficult to find a writer who can explore–even reveal–the psychological pathways with the effectiveness of she demonstrates.

Philip Wardman, destined it seems, meets the mysterious Senta Pelham, an actress, most childlike, at Philip’s sister’s wedding. Theirs is a relationship that is made in you-know-where. Senta’s affections do not come without a price. To “prove” their love, she insists that each of them must kill someone. Not your everyday pre-nuptial agreement, to be sure, and certainly not a characteristic of the genteel English society circles they live in!

Certainly, “The Bridesmaid” is a disturbing work and Rendell sees to it that the reader is not comfortable with the situation. The author’s craft and technique are clearly demonstrated here and reverberate with a force that is both chilling and sensational. Queasy too. An uncomfortable–yet powerful–read.

Few stains on back of dust jacket, otherwise near mint. 1st printing. 0-89296-388-3.

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