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Tellos #1
Published May 1999 by Image

On the run from frogsoldiers, Jarek and Koj cross paths with Captain Serra in this untitled tale. Continued next issue. Script by Todd Dezago. Art by Mike Wieringo, Nathan Massengill & Rich Case. Cover by Wieringo. From the inside front cover: “Tellos is a magikal patchwork world made up of countless different lands and realms, populated by mythical and legendary creatures, filled with adventure…and danger!”

Journey with young Jarek and tiger-warrior Koj as they team up with a pirate princess called Serra to confront the terrible Malsur who is set on devouring the denizens of this magical patchwork world! Tellos is an all-ages rollercoaster of action and adventure, mystery and magic, and good versus evil!

Near mint, 1st print.