Team Youngblood #12 Image Comics Rob Liefeld Chap Yaep Stephenson Jeff Matsuda


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Team Youngblood (1993) #12
Published Aug 1994 by Image.

Cover pencils by Chap Yaep, inks by Dan Panosian. Untitled story, script by Eric Stephenson and Rob Liefeld (story), pencils by Chap Yaep, John Stinsman, Todd Nauck, Chuck Jones, Marat Mychaels, Richard Horie, and Jeff Matsuda, inks by Larry Stucker, Jaime Mendoza, Edwin Rosell, Jonathan Sibal, Karl Alstaetter, Norm Rapmund, and Dan Panosian; Team Youngblood battles Gage and his allies which includes their old teammate Brahma; The world learns that Riptide plans on doing a nude spread in a magazine. Poster Insert of Team Youngblood, pencils by Ben Herrera, inks by Danny Miki. Photon pinup by Cully Hamner. Cougar pinup, pencils by Anthony Winn, inks by Norm Rapmund. Team Youngblood pinup, pencils by Tom Tenney, inks by Marlo Alquiza. 36 pgs.

Near mint condition. 1st printing. Includes a Team Youngblood mini poster.