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Team Youngblood (1993) #11
Published Jul 1994 by Image.

Continued from Spawn #23 and Youngblood #7. As the Boy of Stone, Badrock, was enjoying some R&R on the Ski slopes he was suddenly attacked by the damaged cyborg killing machine known as Overtkill. It’s Badrock vs. Overtkill. And as if that wasn’t enough, Sentinel and the rest of the team are shocked to find their former teammate Brahma has joined the ranks of the nefarious Four. Story by Rob Liefeld and Eric Stephenson. Art by Chap Yaep, Danny Miki, and Marlo Alquiza, and Jonathan Sibal. 32 pages. Plus pt.2 of “Melting Points.” A back-up Tales of Team Youngblood story by Rob Liefeld, Robert Loren Fleming, Mark Pacella, Cedric Nocon, and Jon Sibal. 32 pages. Includes a poster of Team Youngblood.

Near mint condition. 1st printing.