Tales from the Darkside Poster # 3 Horror The Movie Mummy Lot 249 Michael Deak


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Michael McDowell adapts Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, “Lot No. 249”. A graduate student, Bellingham (played by Steve Buscemi), has been cheated by two classmates, Susan (played by Julianne Moore), and Lee (played by Robert Sedgwick), who framed him for theft to ruin his chances of getting a competing scholarship. As revenge, Bellingham reanimates a mummy and uses it to murder them both. Susan’s brother Andy (played by Christian Slater) kidnaps Bellingham, and burns the parchment and mummy. He considers killing Bellingham, but in the end can’t bring himself to commit real murder. His soft heart serves him poorly in the twist ending, though, when Bellingham brings Susan and Lee back from the dead and dispatches them to Andy’s dorm. The mummy is played by Michael Deak.

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