Superstar Facts & Pics Magazine #31 Complete Star Trek Highlander seaQuest Pin-ups


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Superstar Facts & Pix Magazine #31
Published 1994 by Sterling/Macfadden Partnership

Superstar Facts & Pix presents The Complete Star Trek. Featuring exclusive interviews with John de Lancie, Siddig El Fadil, Michelle Forbes, Colm Meaney, Armin Shimerman and Nana Visitor. Plus: An in-depth look at the greatest Star Trek show on Earth – Creation Entertainment’s Grand Slam Convention; William Shatner – a tribute to the man and his career; Star Trek: Voyager – the future; and Star Trek collectibles.

Plus: 12-page special report on multimedia home entertainment, including its future, trekking online, the multimedia players and interactive music.

Also: seaQuest F/X – behind the scenes.
And: One-on-one with Highlander’s Adrian Paul.

Inside front cover features a Kirk/Spock/Bones pin-up, inside mag features a Leonard Nimoy pin-up, William Shatner pin-up, Julian Bashir pin-up, Quark pin-up, John de Lancie pin-up, Michelle Forbes pin-up, Colm Meaney pin-up, Nana Visitor pin-up, Highlander Adrian Paul pin-up.

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Very minor stresses to spine. Otherwise in unread condition. More pictures may be in description (which it is suggested you read!)