Super Nintendo Asciiware AsciiPad Controller w/ Turbo for EACH BUTTON Like New Item #4900


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The asciiPad is an officially licensed video game controller for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System created by Asciiware and first sold around 1992. It has all of the same buttons as the original SNES Controller, but features turbo and auto-fire switches for Y, X, B, A, L, and R. It also features a slow switch, which is effectively an auto-fire for the start button. The layout of the buttons is essentially the same, but with all the added switches, the controller is slightly larger then the original, and the L and R buttons are at an angle. The buttons use the colors of the Super Famicom gamepad, and they are all convex rather than half concave like the US controller.

In the mid-1990s, a friend of mine had this controller for his SNES. I remember playing Mortal Kombat II with it and being surprised that putting auto-fire on the kick of Liu Kang caused him to perform instant non-stop bicycle kicks!

– The turbo and auto-fire switches are useful in a lot of action games.
– Though a lot of games don’t support it, the slow feature can be helpful.
– The controller is surprisingly rugged for a third-party product.
– Asciiware actually went through the hassle of getting licensed through Nintendo.


Like new. Tested and working perfectly. One owner. See pictures in description.