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Suikoden Tierkreis is a role-playing video game for the Nintendo DS developed and published by Konami as part of the Suikoden series. The game’s development was led by project head Osamu Komuta, who had previously been a planner for Suikoden Tactics, with a music staff composed of Norikaku Miura, Yoshino Aoki, Masaharu Iwata, and Kaori Komuro. The game features the opening and ending theme songs “Tears in the Sky” and “Tierkreis” respectively, each performed by Japanese pop idol Satomi Takasugi.

Created as a spin-off of the main series of games, Suikoden Tierkreis was made to explore one of the myriad of worlds that exist in the Suikoden metaverse. Following the game’s main theme of “the infinite possibility of future”, players must assume the role of a young protagonist who gathers the combined forces of 108 heroes to attempt to defeat a powerful entity known as The One King, leader of The Order of the One True Way, who seeks to control the world by spreading his doctrine that all fate is predetermined and all people have no control of their lives.

The game is set in a world with several diverse nations and tribes and inhabited by a range of creatures including humans, Roar (similar to the Kobolds and Nay-Kobolds of previous games), Porpos-kin (small, penguin/dolphin like creatures), and Auster (a race of horned giants).

The game opens as the leader of 108 heroes engages the main antagonist known as “The One King” in battle. It is currently unknown whether the defeat shown in the introduction precedes the game or if the game is actually a flashback leading to that scene. The game is set in a parallel world to the main world of the series, which is one of the many worlds in the Suikoden multiverse, known collectively as the Infinity.

The protagonist is an energetic young man from Citro Village who eventually ends up fighting a mysterious organization that preaches a fatalist philosophy in which the future is predetermined.

The concept of the Infinity has been previously explored in other Suikoden games: monsters from another dimension are summoned by Windy and Leknaat in Suikoden I, and by Luc and Sarah in Suikoden III; Nash Latkje, Humphrey Mintz, and Futch visit The World of Wings and Scales in Suikogaiden II, a parallel world where only dragons exist, while dragons are only able to exist in the main Suikoden world via the Dragon Rune, one of the 27 True Runes; the Fog Ship Guide, who appears in Suikoden IV, hails from another world; and the final battle of Suikoden Tactics takes place in the World of Emptiness, a parallel world from which monsters are summoned. Additionally, it is implied that recurring characters Viki, Yuber, and Pesmerga likely come from parallel worlds.

Sieg, Liu-Shen, Vaslof, Jale, Marica, Dialph, Chrodechild, Asad, Servillah, Nimni, Hotupa, Minen, Meruvis, Roberto and more!

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