Starburst Monster Special #15 Aliens 3 Cover David Fincher Jurassic Park Babylon 5



Starburst Special (UK) #15
Published 1994 by Visual Imagination Ltd

Starburst is Britain’s “premier science fiction magazine.”

Special #15 (Monster Special) includes:
Alien 3 – director David Fincher looks back at making the film
Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park dinosaurs previewed
the changing monsters of Star Trek
Babylon 5 – the new US space adventure full of alien monsters
George Lucas brings a whole cantina-full of monsters.

Cover price $7.95.

Alien Nation pin-up in inside front cover, King Kong pin-up, three page King Kong article, eight page Alien 3 article with pin-up, seven page Space Rangers article with two pin-ups, five page article on Bram Stoker’s Dracula with two awesome Gary Oldman pin-ups, seven page John Landis article, five page Jurassic Park article with pin-up, seven page makeup FX article on Babylon 5, six page article on George Lucas w/ Star Wars A New Hope pin-up, Army of Darkness pin-up, Star Trek Deep Space Nine pin-up and much more!


Near mint condition.