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Return of the Jedi (later retitled Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) is a 1983 American epic space opera film directed by Richard Marquand and written by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan, with Lucas as executive producer. It is the third film released in the Star Wars franchise and the first film to use THX technology. The film is set one year after The Empire Strikes Back and was produced by Howard Kazanjian and Lucasfilm Ltd. The film stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew and Frank Oz.

The title Return of the Jedi refers to the redemption of Luke’s father Anakin Skywalker; a Jedi who fell to the dark side of the force. The evil Galactic Empire, under the direction of the ruthless Emperor Palpatine, is constructing a second Death Star in order to crush the Rebel Alliance. Since Palpatine plans to personally oversee the final stages of its construction, the Rebel Fleet launches a full-scale attack on the Death Star in order to prevent its completion and kill Palpatine, effectively bringing an end to the Empire once and for all. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, the Rebel leader and Jedi Apprentice, struggles to bring Darth Vader, who is his father Anakin and himself a fallen Jedi, back from the Dark Side of the Force.

The Rebel Alliance learns that the Empire has been constructing a new Death Star under the supervision of Vader and his master, Emperor Palpatine. In a plan to destroy the new weapon, Han leads a strike team to destroy the battle station’s shield generator on the forest moon of Endor, allowing a squadron of starfighters to enter the incomplete infrastructure and destroy the station from within.

Han Solo is a character in the original trilogy and sequel trilogy of the Star Wars universe. He is portrayed by Harrison Ford. He and his co-pilot, Chewbacca, become involved in the Rebel Alliance which opposes the Galactic Empire. During the course of the Star Wars story, he becomes a chief figure in the Alliance and succeeding galactic governments. Star Wars creator George Lucas described the character as “a loner who realizes the importance of being part of a group and helping for the common good”.

Han Solo is a reckless smuggler with a sarcastic wit; he is “a very practical guy” and considers himself “a materialist”; but the adventures in the first Star Wars movie evoke his compassion, a trait “he didn’t know he possessed”.

Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American film actor and producer. He gained worldwide fame for his starring roles as Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy and the title character of the Indiana Jones film series. Ford is also known for his roles as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, John Book in Witness and Jack Ryan in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

His career has spanned six decades and includes roles in several Hollywood blockbusters, including Apocalypse Now, Presumed Innocent, The Fugitive, Air Force One, and What Lies Beneath. At one point, four of the top six box-office hits of all time included one of his roles. Seven of his films have been inducted into the National Film Registry: American Graffiti (1973), The Conversation (1974), Star Wars (1977), Apocalypse Now (1979), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Blade Runner (1982).

In 1997, Ford was ranked No. 1 in Empire?’?s “The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time” list. As of July 2008, the US domestic box office grosses of Ford’s films total over US$3.5 billion, with worldwide grosses surpassing $6 billion, making Ford the 4th highest grossing U.S. domestic box-office star. Ford is the husband of actress Calista Flockhart.

Ford will reprise his role as Solo in Star Wars Episode VII. During filming on June 11, 2014, Ford suffered what is said to be a fractured ankle when a hydraulic door fell on him. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Ford’s son Ben released details on his father’s injury, saying that his ankle will likely need a plate and screws and that filming could be altered slightly with the crew needing to shoot Ford from the waist up for a short time until he recovers. Ford will make his return to filming in mid-August after a two month layoff as he recovered from his injury.

If George Lucas had stuck to his original vision (something “Star Wars” fans know Lucas isn’t particularity great at doing), Harrison Ford never would have been cast as Han Solo. Lucas had set a rule that he didn’t want to cast any actors from his earlier film “American Graffiti,” and Ford was one of them.

Lucas eventually chose Ford over other hopefuls including Kurt Russell and Christopher Walken because “Harrison was the funnier, goofier one — but he could also play mean.”

Mark Hamill, for one, was amazed at the dedication Ford put into each and every line, stating, “He’d written things in the margins, saying the same thing basically, but his way. He had an amazing way of keeping the meaning but doing it in a really unique way for his character.” Ford also believed the role would help boost his career, since it was so heavy on “the kind of charm that wins people in casting offices.”

Ford famously told George Lucas, concerning the clunky dialogue in “Star Wars,” “George, you can type this shit, but you sure has hell can’t say it.” Less remembered is Ford’s mea culpa after viewing the finished “Star Wars” for the first time: “I told George: ‘You can’t say that stuff. You can only type it.’ But I was wrong. It worked.”

In the script for Empire Strikes Back, Solo’s response to Leia’s declaration of love for him was written as “I love you, too.” It’s now lore that Ford changed it to “I know.” But if you read the transcript of Ford’s conversation with Kershner on the set, you can see that Ford wasn’t just being a smartass. He put a lot of thought into that line. “But if she says, ‘I love you,’ and I say, ‘I know,’ it’s beautiful and it’s acceptable and it’s funny,” he pleaded. “The point is, I’m not worried about myself anymore; I’m worried about her”.

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