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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Stan Lee is my Walt Disney. His imagination helped create a world that up until fairly recently, I felt alone in appreciating. The man is a tireless promoter for the comic industry and one of my heroes. If you love any of his creations…from the Fantastic Four to Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor…this DVD is a must have…Stan Lee being interviewed by none other than Kevin Smith! This DVD is not shrinkwrapped but has NEVER been used. The DVD is in flawless, unused condition. FULL DESCRIPTION: Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels! 7.0 rating on IMDB! In this video, filmmaker/comic writer Kevin Smith interviews the legendary comics writer, editor and promoter Stan Lee about his life and work. In two seperate films, “Creating Spider-Man” and “Here Come the Heroes,” Stan Lee discusses the creation of his greatest character, his career in the comics field and his relationship to his creative collaborators, especially the artists and co-writers, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. In 1961, Stan Lee teamed with artist Jack Kirby to create the super-hero team, The Fantastic Four, changing the face of comic books forever. They then went on a creative rampage, creating the Incredible Hulk, the Mighty Thor, and the X-Men. Then, in 1964, Lee teamed with Steve Ditko to create a teenage super-hero with teenage characteristics. The amazing Spider-Man would become the most popular comic book character in the world. Presented here in two complete features, enhanced by rare photos and a tour of Lee’s personal memorabilia collection, Lee talks in-depth with filmmaker Kevin Smith about his role in creating our modern mythology. Marvel fans have been waiting for something like this. Stan Lee, in a sit-down interview, 20/20-style, telling about his life, his love and his work. And instead of Barbara Walters, we get the much-more-worthy Kevin Smith shooting the questions. Stan is very candid and honest and really draws the viewer in with his histories, insight and commentaries. Smith asks the questions that fans want answers to, and plenty that most of us wouldn’t have thought to ask, including the issues of co-creatorship, genesis of ideas and generalities about the beginnings of Marvel. Stan Lee is as interesting a personality as anyone could ask for – he is proud of his body of work and views it very earnestly and in context. The DVD has plenty of extras, most of which are pretty short and sweet. The interview with Joan Lee (Stan’s wife) is AWESOME and gives a great perspective on him as a person, and Stan’s poem recital is excellent. A great DVD for comic fans that want to learn about a legend. The two-part Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters, and Marvels is basically an intimate discussion with filmmaker Kevin Smith interviewing legendary artist Stan Lee about the last 40 years of Marvel comics. Released on video a few days before the feature-length Spider-Man movie hit theatres, this documentary from Columbia TriStar Home Video investigates the history of the famous web-slinger as well as other Marvel superheroes. In the part one, “Creating Spider-Man,” Stan Lee talks about getting the original idea, collaborating with Steve Ditko, developing side characters, and the eventual TV and film adaptations. Part two, “Here Come the Heroes,” explores his other creations, including the birth of the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men. Both parts are presented in a widescreen transfer with Dolby Digital Stereo sound. This disc includes Stan Lee’s original poem , and a previously unreleased Fantastic Four short. Extra features include a two-minute behind-the-scenes featurette; an interview with the artist’s wife, Joan Lee; and home movie footage. Filmmakers – and comics fan – Kevin Smith chats with Lee in this session that the DVD splits into two programs. “Creating Spider-Man” runs 42 minutes and delves into that aspect of Lee’s career. He talks about how he came up with and developed the character and also goes over his evolution, popular response, the recent film adaptation, and a mix of other Spidey-related topics. Entitled “Here Come the Heroes”, the second program lasts 52 minutes and provides a more general look at Lee’s career. We learn of his roots in the comic industry back in the Forties and see how he eventually became the king of the field. He chats about a number of his most famous creations. Of course, all Spidey stuff remains in the other documentary, but this one goes over folks like Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and the Hulk. It also relates notes about Lee’s experiences since the Sixties. EXTRAS: Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters and Marvels offers a mix of extras, though the roster seems thinner than it appears at first glance. First we get a Behind the Scenes featurette that runs for 115 seconds. More compelling is the seven-minute and 35-second Interview With Stan’s Wife Joan. Zakarin conducts this chat, and Joan Lee proves to be a lively and engaging participant. She covers some of the same information heard elsewhere, but she adds her own perspective and gives us a decent look at her side of things. An excerpt from Kevin Smith’s interviews with Lee, The Never Released Fantastic Four Movie offers nothing more than a 45 second discussion of this piece. Lee tells us a little about the discarded flick and tells us why it never saw the light of day. It’s too bad we don’t see any parts of it, but I found it interesting to learn what happened to the movie. Next we hear Stan Lee Recite His Original Poem “God Woke.” The audio-only piece lasts for 12 minutes and 55 seconds. Lee states that the poem first appeared at a show in January 1972. I wish this clunker stayed on the shelf another 30 years. The Rare Stan Lee Home Movie Footage shows three minutes and eight seconds of this material. Though undated, I’d assume it comes from the Fifties or early Sixties. We see some of this silent footage during the program itself, and none of it seems terribly revealing. Essentially, Lee goofs around with his wife and kid. Still, it’s a cool addition, although there’s nothing fascinating about it. ACTOR Comic Fund just shows a link to a website for this cause. Apparently it helps out comic book veterans. Lastly, the Cast Bios offers listings for Lee, Smith, and DVD producers Creative Light Video. The last one’s little more than an ad, but the entries for Lee and Smith are quite detailed and interesting. In addition, each of those ends with some bonus footage. The Lee listing provides a funny 95-second outtake. While a still photographer takes promo shots, Lee and Smith have to pretend they’re continuing the interview, and Lee jokingly tells Smith how to be a better director. After the Smith bio we find a 95-second discussion of the legendary Marvel “No Prize”. He reveals the origins and popularity of this device. EASTER EGGS Interview: At the ‘Main’ menu go to ‘Extras’ and then ‘Cast Bios’ and select ‘Stan Lee’. Keep pressing ‘Enter’ on ‘Next Page’ until you reach the end and then press the ‘Down’ arrow key on your remote control twice to reveal another ‘Next Page’ arrow. Press ‘Enter’ to view the interview. Bonus Feature: At the ‘Main’ menu go to ‘Extras’ and then ‘Cast Bios’ and select Kevin Smith. Keep pressing ‘Enter’ on ‘Next Page’ until you reach the end and then press the ‘Up’ arrow key on your remote control twice to reveal another ‘Next Page’ arrow. Press ‘Enter’ to view footage of a photo shoot that took place during the interview.


Open case, DVD has never been used.