Spider-Man Poster #69 Web Slinging by Todd McFarlane


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Shortly after getting his powers, Peter Parker (established early on as being extremely intelligent and creative) develops a special synthetic polymer adhesive that has spider web-like properties, as well as wrist-worn launching devices (see Web-Shooters). Upon release, the webbing dries into an extremely tough, flexible, adhesive fiber. One account described a single strand as stronger than piano wire and it is perhaps as strong as real spider silk or Kevlar (Spider-Man has used web-shields on several occasions to protect himself from small-caliber bullets). In Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide, one strand of webbing is described to be strong enough to bind the Hulk and hold him prisoner, but only if the Hulk were to hold still and let the webbing sufficiently dry. Also, according to recent volumes of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, the tensile strength of the webbing is equivalent to 120 lb (54 kg) per square millimeter in cross-section and is comparable to nylon with extraordinary adhesive properties. Its exact composition is unknown, but after about an hour, the webbing breaks down, loses strength and eventually evaporates. Firing a thin strand to a great height at a nearby tall building, then brachiating on this “webline”. Doing this in rapid series allows Spider-Man to quickly travel through well-developed urban areas. His travel speed has not been officially stated, though the Sins Past storyline depicts his crossing the borough of Manhattan in under 11 minutes (because he has been able to travel by web since the age of fifteen, Peter Parker does not have a driver’s license). During his web swinging travelling, Spider-Man can reach 120 mph (190 km/h). From 1990‚Ķover 20 years old!

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