Spider-Man Poster #48 Triumphant by Todd McFarlane


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In 1988, McFarlane joined writer David Michelinie on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man beginning with issue 298. McFarlane changed Spider-Man’s webbing from what used to be essentially X’s between two lines, into what is now dubbed as “spaghetti webbing”. McFarlane was also the first artist to draw the first, full appearance of Eddie Brock, the original incarnation of the villain Venom. He has been credited as the character’s co-creator, though this has been a topic of dispute within the comic book industry. (See Eddie Brock: Creation and conception.) McFarlane’s work on Amazing Spider-Man turned him into an industry superstar. His cover art for Amazing Spider-Man #313, for which he was originally paid $700 in 1989, for example, would later sell for $71,200 in 2010! From 1992‚Ķover 20 years old!

Near mint condition.