Spider-Man Poster #132 vs Venom Juggernaut Hobgoblin Morlun Shathra by John Romita Jr


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A who’s who of Spider-Man villains! Beetle, Molten Man, Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, Venom, Kingpin, Spider-Slayer, Shocker, Carnage, Electro, Tinkerer?, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Doom, Rhino, Ox (of the Enforcers), Hobgoblin, Chameleon, Ringmaster, Prowler, Scorpion, Juggernaut, Punisher, Vulture, Green Goblin, Morlun and Shathra! Spider-Man has one of the best-known rogues galleries in comics. Many of Spider-Man’s villains’ origins are based in scientific accidents or the misuse of scientific technology, paralleling Spider-Man himself. Likewise, many also have animal-themed costumes or powers. Spider-Man’s enemies are some of the best rounded antagonists in comics, with equal emphasis put on both their special abilities and their personalities.

Spider-Man also has a wide range of villains: hapless thugs, mad geniuses, crime bosses, and even extraterrestrial monsters. Due to the nature of the shared universe he inhabits, he has also fought many villains more closely associated with other heroes. However, these are not considered Spider-Man’s own enemies.

Carnage – Carnage is the combination of a symbiote spawned from the original Venom symbiote and the serial killer and former cellmate of Eddie Brock, Cletus Kasady. He thrives on murder and chaos and is stronger than Venom and Spider-Man combined. To stop him the first few times, Spider-Man had to resort to calling on Venom for assistance. Carnage also created a son, too, called Toxin and then a whole other group of symbiotes were created.

Chameleon – The first villain Spider-Man ever faced, Dmitri Smerdyakov was a Russian spy with a knack for disguises. Being the half-brother of Kraven the Hunter, he also sought to avenge Kraven’s death, become the most powerful crime boss in New York City and utterly destroy Spider-Man with his mind games, including creating the impostors of Peter’s parents. The Chameleon was formerly a member in the Green Goblin’s Sinister Twelve.

Doctor Octopus – Dr. Otto Octavius is a respected scientist, one of the world’s foremost experts in radiation. He used four mechanical arms in his experiments, which bonded with his nervous system after an explosion. He combines physical power with mad genius. Founding member of the Sinister Six. He was responsible for the death of George Stacy and Ock a victim by Spider-Man’s insane clone, Kaine, in which Ock was murdered but he was later resurrected by the Hand. He was incarcerated in Riker’s Island but escaped when he heard the Green Goblin escaped. The villain confronted the Goblin at the George Washington Bridge and both were struck by electricity, falling into the New York river. Both of them survived, however Otto later discovered tragic news about his health. After years of battling the wall crawler, a fatal disease has taken over and his body is now failing. Given only months to live, Otto modified his harness to sustain his bodiliy functions, while adding an additional four arms and creating an army of miniture “octopus robots” so as to take less pressure on his own body. With his twisted new outlook and suit, Octavius tries to take control of NYC’s utilites, but fails once again at the hands of the Human Torch and his long time nemesis. He escapes capture tey again and is still currently in hiding, but swears to carry out a “terrible revenge” upon the city and Spidey, he has then took over Spidey’s body, however Peter later regained his body.

Electro – An emotionally stunted man with an inferiority complex, Max Dillon was struck by lightning while working on power lines and discovered thereafter that he has a supernatural control over electricity. Donning a green and yellow lightning themed costume, he has gone on to battle Spider-Man numerous times. Founding member of the Sinister Six. Electro was one of the Green Goblin’s Sinister Twelve members.

Green Goblin – Originally a normal scientist and ambitious businessman, Norman Osborn used an experimental formula which gave him superpowers but also drove him insane. When Spider-Man thwarted his plans to take over as crime boss of New York City, he dedicated himself to utterly destroying Spider-Man’s life. Their mutual animosity became personal when he killed Gwen Stacy. Osborn was killed by his own glider, his death didn’t end the legacy of the Goblin. Others including his son, Harry, took up the mantle, until he returned and revealed himself as the the mastermind behind the Clone Saga. His heightened strength gave him regenerative powers, allowing himself to be revived. Upon his return, Osborn made life a living hell for the wallcrawler. He was last seen struck by lightning and fallen into the New York river by Dr. Octopus at the George Washington Bridge when the Goblin almost killed Mary Jane Watson like he did to Gwen. He survived yet again and manipulated his children, Gabriel and Sarah, into thinking Spider-Man killed their mother, Gwen, as Gwen and Norman Osborn had an affair. After his children turned against him, he was imprisoned, but he now knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man. In revenge he organized the Sinister Twelve to destroy Spider-Man and Black Cat. During the battle, all present, even Osborn, were stunned to discover Mac Gargan had become the new host for the Venom Symbiote. But even this deadly addition couldn’t stop the back-up Mary Jane callled up, which included SHIELD agents, the Fantastic Four, and several Avengers. Osborn escaped in the battle and saw Spider-Man reveal himself on national television, then watched as he exposed Osborn as being the Green Goblin too. He was then arrested by SHIELD for the murder of Gwen Stacey, and imprisoned in the Vault. Osborn was later inlisted in the Thunderbolts, using his Goblin persona to help hunt down unregistered Superheroes during the Civil War. He managed to gain leadership of the ex-supervillain taskforce during the Pro/Anti registration conflict, but got the most joy when he was ordered to hunt down Spider-Man. During the Skrull Invasion, thanks to intel accidentally sent to him by Deadpool, Osborn managed to be the one to kill Veranke, the queen Skrull and leader of the Earth Invasion. This event put him in the public spotlight as a hero. He used this new fame to manipulate the media and the government, eventually rising to the level of power he always dreamed of. He disbanded the 50 State Intitiative, Avengers and SHIELD, had Tony Stark turned into a wanted criminal, stole his armor to become the heroic “Iron Patriot”, then created a secret Cabal of supervillains to undermine and eventually destroy all the remaining heroes that stand against them. He lost control of HAMMER when he tried to invade and destroy Asgard. He later became a human version of the Super-Adaptiod but was defeat by the Avengers and is currently in a coma.Hobgoblin – A millionaire fashion designer named Roderick Kingsley acquired the Green Goblin’s weaponry and used them to further his own ambitions. He later retired from his identity but came back when his brother was killed by Phil Urich who took the Hobgoblin identity for himself.

Kingpin – Wilson Fisk is the most powerful crime boss in New York City and perhaps the entire east coast, thus becoming a frequent foe of Spider-Man. He allied himself with many supervillains so they can do his bidding, eventually starting a feud with another superhero, Daredevil. Fisk even found Daredevil was Matt Murdoch and used this information to ruin his life. Murdock is one of Peter’s closest friends, so Spider-Man took this very personally and vowed to help Daredevil bring him down.

Kraven the Hunter – Perhaps the most respected big game hunter in the business, Sergei Kravinoff eventually set on a quest to capture the most elusive prey there is – the amazing Spider-Man. After being defeated numerous times by the web-slinger, his quest became an obsession. When he finaly did defeat Spider-Man, he felt there was nothing more for him to do, so he committed suicide. He was a founding member of the Sinister Six and when they were formed together again, the Hobgoblin replaced him. He has recently returned during the Grim Hunt.

Shocker – A burglar gifted with a head for engineering, Herman Schultz developed a pair of gauntlets capable of throwing incredibly powerful vibrational blasts. He wears a gold and brown quilted costume to protect himself from the vibrations of his gauntlets. Shocker is one of Spider-Man’s most pragmatic and business-minded villains, and usually recognizes his own limitations.

Venom – When Spider-Man rid himself of the alien symbiote costume he wore since the Secret Wars until he got back to Earth, it bonded with reporter Eddie Brock, who hated Spider-Man. The symbiote gave Brock all of Spider-Man’s powers, and even more dangerously, the knowledge of his secret identity and protection from his Spider-Sense. Venom had spawned the most dangerous villain, Carnage, who also spawned Toxin and other symbiotes. One time, Venom was cloned and Brock sold the symbiote to an Italian gangster, who died. Currently, the symbiote is now bonded with the Flash Thompson.

Vulture – The elderly Adrian Toomes turned to the life of crime after his business partner cheated him. With a self-invented anti-gravity pack, wings for faster flying and a birdlike costume, he became the high-flying, lowdown Vulture. He is a founding member of the Sinister Six.

The Enforcers – were a small team of career criminals and were among Amazing Spider-Man’s earliest foes. Originally they consisted of Montana, Fancy Dan, and the Ox and first appeared as henchmen of the crime kingpin Big Man, being defeated by Spider-Man. Later, they teamed up with the Green Goblin and Sandman. They also clashed with other superheroes, including the Human Torch and Daredevil.

Morbius – Dr. Michael Morbius was a brilliant scientist born in Greece. He became a Nobel Prize winning biochemist, but suffered from debilitating blood disease. He and his lover Martine Bancroft and an assistant were out on a yacht conducting an experiment to find a cure. He tried an experimental treatment involving vampire bats and electroshock therapy. However the cure had a side effect transforming him into a kind of, pseudo-vampirism. Morbius how has to consume blood in order to survive. He also gained an aversion to sunlight light. The process also give him the abilities similar to a vampire such flight, as well as enhanced strength, speed, and a healing factor. His overall appearance changed he gained fangs, his nose flattened to appear more like a bat’s, and his skin became extremely pale. He was also able to spread his disease turning anyone he bites into a living vampires.

Hobgoblin – A millionaire fashion designer named Roderick Kingsley acquired the Green Goblin’s weaponry and used them to further his own ambitions. He later retired from his identity but came back when his brother was killed by Phil Urich who took the Hobgoblin identity for himself.

Beetle – Abner Jenkins was a mechanic for an aircraft producer. Tired of not getting promotions he thought he deserved he decided to strike out on his own. Using a suit of armor, Jenkins became the Beetle. As the Beetle, Jenkins was often foiled by superheroes. His first battle was against the Human Torch and the Thing. Spider-Man in particular was a constant problem, whom he first encountered while attempted to kidnap the Human Torch’s girlfriend Dorrie Evans. He was among the many costumed menaces assembled by Doctor Doom to disrupt the wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

Scorpion – Mac Gargan, as the Scorpion, was given superhuman powers through chemical and radiological treatments, which produced mutagenic effects. He has superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and durability, and also can scale walls (he also punches holes in walls as a way to climb). He also has an exceptionally strong grip, reminiscent of a real scorpion’s pincers. He wears a full-body battlesuit composed of two layers of light steel mesh separated by a thin layer of insulated rubber. In addition to his superhuman physique, he was traditionally armed with a cybernetically-controlled, seven-foot mechanical tail, with a tool steel articulated framework which can whip at 90 miles per hour. The tail has in the past been equipped with projectile weapons, usually an electric generator, although it has also been equipped with a spike at its tip, which can squirt an acidic spray, and a low-density plasma energy projector. The Scorpion can use his tail as an extra leg, or he can coil it behind him to spring himself a distance of at least 30 feet. The Scorpion is substantially stronger and more durable than Spider-Man, though is a much less skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

Shathra – An inhabitant of the Astral Plane, Shathra is the “Spider-Wasp” to Peter Parker’s “Spider”. She learned of Spider-Man when he strayed from the safe path during visit to the Astral Plane to locate the inter-dimensional kidnapper known as Shade. Shathra immediately realized Spider-Man’s true nature and determined that he would make the perfect meal for her hungry young hatchlings.

Spider-Slayer Mark I – This was the first Spider-Slayer robot created by Spencer Smythe. Smythe convinced J. Jonah Jameson to use it as the ultimate tool to capture and defeat Spider-Man and hopefully reveal his true identity. It was built to track anything with spider DNA, and was armed with unbreakable coils that would overwhelm and restrict an opponent. It also had a two way audio/video monitor showing the image of whoever controlled it on the robot’s “face”

The Tinkerer – Tinkerer’s first known job was when he helped Quentin Beck masquerade as an alien. He reappeared, reconstructing the Spider-Mobile at the orders of the Kingpin and attacking Spider-Man with it. Over the following years he constructed or improved the weapons and equipment of various super-villains, including Whirlwind, Grim Reaper and Trapster, as well as the villainesses turned superheroines Diamondback and the Black Cat. The Tinkerer possesses extensive knowledge in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, as well as a high degree of expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative weapons and devices, even by using parts from pre-existing devices as unsophisticated as a color television set or an automatic gun.

Rhino – Aleksei Sytsevich was just another thug in the Russian Mafia, grasping at dreams of easy money, and headed for a short brutal life. Aleksei underwent a life-threatening series of chemical and radiation treatments throughout several months to transform him into an agent with superhuman strength for a collective of professional spies. Aleksei’s powerful armor, permanently bonded to his form, was modeled after the hide of a rhinoceros. Two scientists named Igor and Georgi chose this form, both for its visual impact and in recognition of the fact that the rhino was the result of countless generations of evolution towards the ultimate form for armored assault. They selected Aleksei for his muscular physique and low intelligence, which they believed would insure his loyalty.

Ringmaster – Skilled with electronics, mostly self-taught. Trained in various acrobatic and athletic skills, but not a master of any discipline. He has rudimentary knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. Tiboldt is also noted for his “hypnotic expertise” and mind-controlling hat.

Prowler – Hobie Brown was a young inventor who worked as a window cleaner to pay the bills. While he was a window washer he was caught in a battle between the Stilt-Man and Spider-Man and was rescued by the latter. He was inspired by the Stilt-Man’s armor enough to make his own secret identity. In order to make his job easier, he invented special equipment such as wrist and ankle bracelets to hold cartridges of cleaning fluid, steel claws and special boots for climbing. When he lost his cleaning job, he decided to give crime a go. He modified the bracelets to shoot pellets filled with sleeping gas, made a hood, cape, and costume, and set out on his short-lived career of crime.

Morlun – Morlun’s primary power is the ability to absorb the life force energy of other living creatures, thereby granting himself superhuman physical abilities. Even though Morlun can absorb the energies of virtually any being, he must occasionally renew himself by feeding upon pure forms of animal-related superbeings from one of the four categories that make up his own, unusually pure, DNA such as animal, insect, human, and bird. Once Morlun has touched a human, he is able to sense that person’s life force across great distances. While the limit of this ability isn’t known, it allowed him to easily follow and track Spider-Man across New York City. Morlun brutally beat Spider-Man and left when the police arrived, opting for a more appropriate time to absorb Spider-Man’s life force, leaving the web slinger one-eyed and near-death.

Doctor Doom – The Latverian Monarch known to many as Doctor Doom was born brilliant. In a deal with the devil, his mother sacrificed her soul in return for her son to be a ruler. He spent much of his life studying both dark magic and science, only to have his plans continually foiled by meddling superheroes. As monarch of Latveria, Doom’s rule is dealt with a heavy hand. Between his time platform (the first known time machine on Earth) and his doombots (robotic replicas of himself with artificial intelligence), Doom is a brilliant inventor and scientist. While at the same time, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence, making him easily amongst the most dangerous villains on Earth. He possesses enhanced strength which Gives Dr. Doom the ability to lift (press) several tons. He has held his own against Spider-Man in hand to hand combat.

Juggernaut – Cain Marko, a long time enemy and some times ally of the X-Men who must be imprisoned in mystic realms to halt his rampaging. After his father married his colleagues’ wife, Cain constantly bullied his step-brother, Charles Xavier, angry that his father favored the gentle, smart Charles to his own son, and was in-turn abused by his alcoholic father regularly. After enlisting in the US army, Marko and Xavier found the Temple of Cyttorak in Korea, where Cain impulsively grabbed a glowing ruby from the lap of an idol and read the inscription “Whosoever touches this gem shall possess the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Henceforth, you who read these words shall become forevermore a human juggernaut.” The Gem’s mystical power transformed Marko into Cyttorak’s avatar on Earth, the Juggernaut.

Molten Man – Mark Raxton was born in New York City. He was a scientist who could not wait to use his skills to become rich, and once served as the assistant to Dr. Spencer Smythe, creator of the Spider-Slayers. Raxton and Smythe developed an experimental new liquid metallic alloy for the Spider-Slayers from a radioactive meteor, but Raxton attempted to steal it and sell it for his own profit. In the ensuing fight with Smythe, Raxton spilled the liquid alloy all over himself, his skin absorbing it and turning golden.

Punisher – A 4-year Vietnam veteran, Frank Castle became a vigilante after seeing his wife and children gunned down for accidentally observing a Mafia “hit”. Since then, he has devoted his life to the task of destroying organized crime wherever he finds it. Although he aids many heroes in their quests, they often come into conflict over his way of dealing with crime. At first, the Punisher was conceived by his creator, Gerry Conway, as a potential recurring antagonist for Spider-Man; however, his 1974 debut was critically acclaimed, and he became an anti-hero in the Marvel universe and an uneasy ally of The Wall Crawler.

John Salvatore Romita, Jr.(born August 17, 1956) is an American comic book artist best known for his extensive work for Marvel Comics from the 1970s to the 2010s. He is often referred to as JRJR, the abbreviation of John Romita, Jr.

In 2001, Romita returned to Spider-Man for a collaboration with writer J. Michael Straczynski beginning with The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #30 (June 2001). The creative team produced a story for issue #36 (Dec. 2001) that served as memorial to the victims of the September 11 attacks.

Having illustrated both gritty street-level stories of characters such as Spider-Man and Daredevil and cosmic stories such as those starring Thor, Romita says he prefers the former, because “that is where I grew up. I use the same approach to each of the different story types – the story tells me what to do.” He prefers to work in the Marvel Method. He considers The Man Without Fear to be his best work, due to the strong storytelling and the quality of the story.

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