Spider-Man Poster #108 No More! Amazing 50 John Romita Sr.


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The incredible cover to Amazing Spider-Man 50, the story that the Spider-Man 2 movie was based on! In his original run on The Amazing Spider-Man, Romita contributed a string of over 50 covers and an almost unbroken run of story layouts or full pencil-art for 46 issues as well as a 21-page story in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual 3 (Nov. 1966), the covers of Annuals 5-7, and the covers and stories for the two issues of the magazine-format title The Spectacular Spider-Man (July & Nov. 1968) that themselves totaled 110 story pages, the equivalent of five-and-a-half issues. As comics-art historian Daniel Herman assessed of Romita’s Spider-Man work, Romita’s transformation of the character redefined the character’s look and took the strip in a different direction. It also made him a star artist in the comic book world. The trouble was, Romita took Spidey away from his roots and firmly planted him in the mainstream. … Marvel staffers would joke that Romita “took Spider-Man uptown”. Romita reinvented the character and made it possible for Spider-Man to appeal to a wider audience, even if he removed the qualities that had made the strip a surreal standout.

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