Spider-Man Pin-up FRAMED #21 Green Goblin vs Hobgoblin Todd McFarlane


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Norman Osborn’s son, Harry dons the Green Goblin costume to battle Hobgoblin, who has been terrorizing him, with Spider-Man caught in the middle! Harry starts regaining his memories when he is blackmailed by the original Hobgoblin, who mails him a package which contains evidence that his father was the original Green Goblin. When the Hobgoblin learns he had raided all of Norman’s hideouts he leaves Harry alone, knowing he had nothing more to offer him. Later, Harry is forced to act as the Green Goblin a few times, once to defeat Jason Macendale, the second Hobgoblin. Macendale is seeking the Goblin formula that gave the Green Goblin superhuman strength; Harry is able to defeat Macendale by doubling back during an aerial chase and emptying his entire supply of pumpkin bombs onto the Hobgoblin. Harry even wonders if he could use the Goblin persona for a career as a superhero but Peter convinces him that the Goblin had too much baggage for such a role. Harry buries the Goblin menace within his mind once more and focuses on his business and family. From 1990‚Ķover 20 years old! The following listings are for comic book and/or movie fans looking to decorate their rooms/offices/lockers with low cost comics art! Maybe you love the character…maybe you love the artist, maybe you love the storyline…whatever it is, why pay $100’s or even $1000’s for originals? These make the perfect stocking stuffer and added with a picture frame, would make an excellent gift! Imagine your kids face when they come home from school and see this on their wall! These particular pin-ups are approximately 9×11″ and are NOT folded. They will ship flat. One side may be perforated from being detached from another pin-up.

Frame is shrinkwrapped until time of purchase. Ships boxed with packing peanuts.